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Helmholtz Platz 4th September 2007

After much searching, we've found and moved into a nice new flat in the middle of Prenzlauer Berg, the area we'd initially decided upon back in July. Bit sad to be leaving the place up on Ueckermunder Str, which was great and really huge, if a little too out of the way, not to mention on the fourth floor. However, we've spent an age cleaning the place (left feeelthy by a couple of American students who should have known better) and boxing-up the sub-letting landlord's junk and hiding it in the spare room, and now the place is somewhat shipshape. Helmholtz Platz seems a great place to live, from first impressions. The park itself is small and safe, with bums and punks cheerfully mingling with students, children and young families. The area has a rough yet comfortable feel, with excellent cheap restaurants and cafes. Having to leave each Tuesday for work is getting more and more frustrating. Am hoping the commute and separation from Stacey won't sting as bad once [band] is up and running here and we've something to focus on again.


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