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Why does 19th July 2007

Why does everyone in Barnet have a face like a smacked arse?

So I drove briskly from where I'm working these days back to my childhood and now temporary home Barnet to grab some travel money and pay my deposit cheque from Muswell Hill into the bank at lunchtime. Compared to the fresh and cheerful faces of Muswell Hill and Crouch End this really wasn't a pleasant experience. I half-expected to bump into the scumbags I went to school with, their faces aged a further 15 years by alcoholism.

Thankfully, we're the fucking off. Very soon. This weekend we're viewing half a dozen flats in vaguely desirable areas of Berlin and shall be happily settled before my thirtieth birthday. By hook or by crook. I'll take a digital camera, so there may be photos up upon our return.

Â250 Saab update:
Add a further Â250 for a new clutch cable + gearbox adjustment + fixing the exhaust
Update-update: The clutch isn't at all well, and would cost Â400 to replace, so I've just got the clutch cable replaced instead and am flogging the beast on teh ebays.


Images - Doing something with this, not sure yet.