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Disappointed with the Ricoh GR Digital II 9th January 2008

Short of any real reviews (some Urban 75 loser talking utter guff and a bunch of 'oh look at the cool rangefinder styling' previews) this page confirms my fears about the GR Digital II, which I really fancied as a replacement for the much unloved Pentax digital camera. Look how noisy the photos are, even at ISO 400! What's the point in a great lens and awesome build quality if the sensor is the usual digital compact crap? And no, digital noise is not comparable to film grain. It is always unwanted.

I'll probably get another digital camera this year, but it'll be another make-do, not-a-real-camera kind of thing. Erring towards the Ricoh GX100 (discounted to around Â230 yay!) or the Samsung NV20 as at least these beasties aren't made of plastic.


Images - Doing something with this, not sure yet.