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Whacky races 31st July 2007

So things are almost going according to plan. Stacey has finished work at last (yay!) and can enjoy a well-earned rest. We're still in High Barnet, sorting junk out- what to bring, what to trash. Guitars that made the first wave: Red Viking, Electrical Custom, silver Hagstrom strat. I had to sell the Musicman amp on ebay, along with a couple of multitrackers from the olden days. And, amazingly, the green Saab. This was bought for Â175 (my total loss on this car during 1 1/2 months of ownership? Forgeddaboutit!) by a couple of guys entering the Ramshackle Rally, a jaunt to Valencia for cars costing less than Â200. I can only wish them the best of luck, but I've a feeling they'll make it. They'll really wish they'd got a car with aircon though.

Pictured alongside is my new car, which although apparently identical only red, is in fact a 9-3 Turbo with all the modern refinements you could possibly need, including lack of pigeon smell.


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