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Scumbag Hagstrom II rebuild, fin! 31st January 2009

This is my twelveteenth Hagstrom guitar, but first HII and I'm very excited. Always liked the look of Hagstrom IIIs but often find the middle pickup is redundant and gets in the way. That and the two extra switches do nothing cool. The plan with this one was to leave it in relic (mashed-up) condition appearance-wise, but strip and refinish the back of the neck for playability, and to clean and buff-up the body to take away the bigger nicks and rough areas.

Completed! There's still a few setup issues- like the TOM radius is a bit funny on the hag, a few frets are a bit buzzy, and the volume pot is shot. Gonna play it for a few days before taking it to bits again for final tweaking. The bridge will stay (it's just sat on the original hagstrom bridge posts) until a real hag bridge shows-up.

New p/g (from Aurora Project in Orpington) looks old, note no on/off switch

Shiny ass Gotoh Schaller copies. Nightgoat'd!
Whoever Justin is, I'm gonna track him down and gut him.

Not pretty. Was a squillion chips in headstock/neck.


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