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Musima Elgita wiring diagram schematic circuit 15th August 2009

I'm hoping this is the only post anyone will ever need when it comes to Musima Elgita wiring. I've just got my Elgita back from Ant, who has made a lovely new neck for it, taking the original headstock shape but using the really nice profile from my Jazzmaster. It plays really well, amazingly in fact. It now falls to me to wire the thing up so it actually works. The wiring was stock and untampered-with, but a couple of the connections were broken. Taking hints from what was already there, the original 1973 Musima catalogue on Cheesy Guitars and this post by 'Snap' on [mirror], I've produced the diagram on the right which I believe to be the correct stock wiring. Because I want to play this guitar, and want a normal neck pickup setting that isn't muffled as hell, I'll be disconnecting the 0.047uF cap when I wire mine up!

I'd like to thank Andy from Motor Sounds for photos of the wiring of his Elgita, which is partially original and helped confirm the layout. Also worth noting from Andy's Elgita is the original routing, as mine has been hacked-at by a maniac... I can only assume to save weight.

In summary:
R - Rhythm - Bridge pickup with both volume controls engaged, with no tone filtering, designed to set a lower preset volume for rhythm playing. Western guitars (eg Fender Jaguar, Jazzmaster) used the neck pickup in the rhythm setting).
S - Solo - Both pickups in parallel, with no tone filtering. Humbucking, and significantly louder than other settings.
B - Banjo - Bridge Pickup with small cap acting as a high pass filter.
SH - Shearing
- I have no idea what 'shearing' was supposed to mean in this context, but it's the neck pickup with the big cap as a low pass filter, which sounds very muddy.

Click images for enlargements.

Furry, oxidised potentiometers. These look very bad, but can be cleaned-up nicely with Silvo and WD40 once disassembled. Don't get any cleaning products on the carbon tracks though. Both pots are 1meg audio- stamped with a logo, P7528, 1MA 0.25W, and the date 72 9. Going by the logo, P.... code and indestructible construction I'm gonna guess these are Polish.
Capacitors: 0.047uF and 1000pF (1nF) made by Koweg (Kondensatorenwerk Görlitz). Interesting photos of the disused former Koweg factory here.
My Elgita, with (l-r) master volume, rhythm setting volume, 4-way (R, S, B, SH) selector.
Andy Motor Sounds' Musima Elgita - this is an earlier Elgita with white, plastic-enclosed pickups (also made by Simeto) and different pickguard markings. Note the rotary switch has two more poles, which are not used. The wiring of this guitar has likely been modified- see the scorching of the original wires. The capacitors are original, and the second volume pot seems to have been rewired to work more like a proper tone control. In this guitar the 'big' capacitor value is 0.022uF, half the value of mine, which would have sounded less muddy in the 'shearing' setting.

Even more here on

-- UPDATE 11th May 2011 --

Here's some very useful Musima schematics reproduced from a Russian guitar forum.

V/2, 1657 B, 1655 HB
1655, 1657, Record, Elgita

Eterna de Luxe

Musima Deluxe 25


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