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Recent shows 29th March 2007

Friday last, [band] played a show at Silver Rocket. Went down well, which was difficult to actually judge from the stage as your typical SR audience are big on old-skool gen-x apathy and encouraging blank stares. At least for this one the bands we played with were interesting. Epideme were impressively tight stop-start, clever-clever mathy rock with chirpy banter and in-jokes. Very Brighton. Underground Railroad are like a Paris fashion mag's idea of an... um... underground band. As such it's all bluster and holding your bass like a machine gun. October All Over were a little disappointing- they seem to have changed over the past few years from a quirky, inventive and fast-paced bit of noise into a murky and sludgy stoner rock band. Ah well.

Following Thursday we played a 'Lab' night at Catch- a venue with somewhat sketchy sound. Went as well as could be expected, although the gig was a bit underattended. [pockets] were damn good and we managed to pick-up their album. Notorious Hi-Fi Killers were pretty much a standard blues band with a boastful name. Then on Saturday (this blog entry is getting boring to write, can you tell? It's like a fucking Idlewild concert in tedious blog form. That or Turin Brakes) we played the coveted RoTa afternoon slot in Notting Hill, which was particularly good as I was in unusually good spirits (terrible absinthe hangover + beers) and the audience was both numerous and receptive. Stacey did all the driving on this one as she's a bit great ;-)


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