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Glasgow 19th September 2006

[band] played a couple of shows this weekend. Firstly a bit of a non-gig at a venue called the 'Purple Turtle' on Friday. I've never been there before (although I'd have sworn I'd seen a friend-of-friend's godawful sleazy blues combo there a few years back). This venue pretty much reeked of toilet-circuit desperation and goth-metal cliche. None of the excitement about underground music we've found in small venues in shoreditch or oxford. It was a reminder we still need to pick shows carefully. Upside is that we met one of the RHS compilation bands after the gig, and they really seem like the sort of people we can happily work with.

Second show was up in Glasgow for Drive Carefully Records, a fledgling label formed by two brothers we met at All Tomorrow's Parties earlier in the year. Nice guys, and generous in paying our travel and putting us up for the night. I felt positively cheerful onstage here, and the response was genuinely warm and enthusiastic - not guarded like some London audiences. The 7-hour drive there was punishing though, with Stacey ably taking-on most of the journey up, and I the return leg. Definately worth doing, however we'll break-up any future shows in Scotland with dates in northern England.

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Underwound from 'The Deepest Red' by The Sailplanes, remixed by David Price. I think this is pretty great really.



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