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OMG bluelolz 11th May 2007

Since I couldn't bare to look at the now departed Musima anymore, here's a new little project. On the left is an ultra-cheap Hagstrom F300, made last year by the company who bought the rights to use the Hagstrom name. It's not really a reissue of anything (it's a Strat though, look, only with cool pointy bits) but the proper Hagstrom it bares a closest similarity to is the guitar on the right, a Hagstrom III made in 1964 by Scandinavian elves. The HIII is a brilliant guitar. Nothing around at the moment is half as thrashy and light and fun to play. The pickups are hot as anything. However, I fancy a decent Strat at the moment, and couldn't find anything remotely good made by Fender for less than serious 'main-guitar' money. So...

As you can tell, it's the wrong kinda blue. The blue on the right is great, but the new one is plasticy and unsubtle. The pickguard is terrible too. Here's the plan:
1) new pickups (these ones, already on their way)
2) strip the guitar back to the wood, prime it
3) wait til a sunny day, thinly paint it Inca Silver (link) then clearcoat it
4) get aged white pickguard/covers/knobs


Images - Doing something with this, not sure yet.