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Teufelsberg 12th March 2008

teufelsberg radome on sunday 9th march 2008 We took another stoll through scenic Grunewald on Sunday, except this time we climbed Teufelsberg (literally Devil's Mountain) to admire the view. Teufelsberg is a man-made (actually by rubble women) hill composed of all the buildings of Berlin destroyed in the war. Mysteriously, all this rubble covers an Albert Speer designed Nazi military-technical college which proved impervious to demolition attempts at the end of the Second World War. There's an abandoned and gloriously vandalised US NSA listening station on the top. Unfortunately security has been upped around the compound so it's no longer a piece of cake to sneak in and have a nose around. However, there are a good few collections of photos of it online if you're interested.
teufelsberg rubbleteufelsberg rubble


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