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Ally Pally open day and new board city 29th December 2008

Following a very pleasant Christmas during which I received not one but two Le Creuset casserole pots (thanks again Mum & Dad!) we've had a few lazy days about the house. Alexandra Palace is perhaps my favorite London landmark, and one of the reasons Muswell Hill never fails to delight on a daily basis. I've been looking forward to the open day for a while, but the Victorian Theatre in particular was amazing- in a state of dereliction and formerly used as a prop store by the BBC. To see it was to begin to hatch a plan to use it as a live video location for [band]. Stacey blogs in better detail here.

Last couple of days I've also managed to populate a few more boards for Fredric Effects: some Green Big Muffs, a whole lotta Harmonic Percolators, and lastly I'm testing out a tremolo effect, which could be good.

Grumbly Wolf on ebay here


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