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Dude! 22nd August 2006

Thames Water stole my car. Now I'm not the sort of prissy madam who would usally whine on my blog when a utility company cuts off the water for entire days without notice (they do, frequently) or causes angry traffic chaos by digging-up the roads around my house constantly, but this really took the piss.
I checked with a local giffer. The 'no parking' signs weren't up when I left it after Sunday's show. When I went looking for the beast today it was gone.
1. I called Thames Water- they said "call the council"
2. I called the council - "we're shut"
3. I called the pound - "no car here"
4. I called Trace - "no record of your car, call the police"
Which is precisely what I was planning to do tomorrow, but decided to take a walk for one last look around the neighbourhood and to calm down a bit. It finally showed-up at the bottom of Leinster Rd, having been parked down St. James's Lane.


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