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Mixer rehouse, more black boxes 27th August 2008

Following-on from last month's MXR dist+ build, I've been reorganising my pedal board in preparation for future direction of [band]. Basically, I needed a mono mixer in rugged pedal form, with a footswitch to silently bypass the whole mixing process and route the unmolested guitar signal to the amp. This enables an easy switch between guitar/synth/tape/whatever mix, then just guitar. I wondered why no pedal makers do anything like this- it certainly seems useful to me. So it's a Maplin 'Soundlab' mixer, the circuit board of which I had to chop a little to get it to fit. Actually it was the second mixer of the same brand I bought for this project, as the first PCB was destroyed in an unfortunate box drilling accident.

It features:
3 inputs with level knobs
1 output
Master level
Cool blue LED
Little red LED to indicate clipping
True bypass stomper


Images - Doing something with this, not sure yet.