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Musima Eterna with heavily decayed pickguard 19th April 2017

A fun little project to distract me from what I should be doing, here's a lovely Musima Eterna in 'closet classic' condition.

The guitar was listed as having acid poured on it(!) But I don't believe this is the case, having looked at other Musimas with decayed pickguards. The is also no significant damage to the wood or paint. The neck is in pretty good shape, and isn't as chunky as other Musimas I've owned. It also has Van Ghent tuners, or decent quality knockoffs.

The Simeto pickups all work! They measure 7.20k, 7.14k, 7.45k. The wire coils are on plastic bobbins with clear glue/laquer on the outside and are isolated from the (possibly ornamental) polepieces. The magnets sit outside the coils, just like in some 'gold foil' pickups. They sound great. I've some in my Musima Elgita.


Images - Doing something with this, not sure yet.