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80p Festival 14th May 2006

Not just a glorious pun. [Band] played the 80p Festival (7 bands, only eighty pence) at Bardens in Dalston yesterday. Some tedious sub-riot girl bands were in evidence and the night ended with a couple of the least interesting of these. I won't pretend that musicianship is vital for a band to be great (in other news: The Germs reform) but if you really can't play why not offset that with good intentions, stage presence or originality? Favourite bands of the night were Clunes (toy keyboard live sampling and bleeps) and Wolfie (SY/Raincoats inspired post-grungers carrying unfortunately under-rehearsed extra guitarist). [Band] played very well imo, which is just as well as it was our last show with our somewhat unsuited first drummer. Aside from single-handedly perpetuating the myth that yorkshiremen are penny-pinching tightasses, we'd pretty much had enough of his complete laziness when it came to mucking-in with promotion, shifting gear and interviews. In the end we had to give him all the money we earned from the show just to get him into a cab home with the kit, as he was under the illusion that I'd drive him and drums back to greenwich at 2am out of the goodness of my heart. Anyway, that's that over with, new drummer to be announced as soon as we decide!

Now I can get on with the very important business of looking-forward to ATP next weekend. Oh yes.


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