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Funkturm 15th September 2007

bezirksamt prenzlauer berg in the rain berlinbezirksamt chimney prenzlauer berg in the rain berlin
Still smarting from the loss of the Volvo (reported to the police, insurance claim underway) Stacey and I finally got round to registering our presence in town at the Bezirksamt. The official lady wasn't too friendly, but this was compensated for by the dozens of sickly magazine and calendar pics of puppies, kittens, puppies vs kittens, kitten licking that adorned the walls. I asked her why the Bezirksamt needed such a big chimney and she stamped our papers with a flourish and a wink.
Tipped-off that towed cars (I still refused to believe it was gone) were deposited along a few major roads rather than in a central pound, I spent the remainder of the day cycling forlornly, images of V40s lasered into my retinas. We're a little fucked you see, for all the cars in Berlin are heinously old and insultingly expensive. Green Saab (which completed the Ramshackle Rally, present whereabouts unknown) would be considered a shit hot piece of automotive technology here and command a price of 1500 euro at least.
The Funkturm in Charlottenburg, as opposed to the Fernsehturm in Mitte, is a rinkydink eiffel tower construction with a tiny viewing platform and an open top. It moves in a light breeze. Gaze at the wonders of the Corbusierhaus, Olympiastadion, and below, across town at the proper TV tower.
funkturm charlottenburg berlin view of tiergarten fernsehturm


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