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Welcome to the limit 26th November 2007

A catching-up montage of things that have been happening around here recently. A couple of weeks ago Stacey's brother visited for the weekend and we took him round some of our favourite sights, cafes and restaurants. It was bitterly cold and in the zoo we experienced the first snow of the winter. Having seem The Lives of Others a second trip the former Stasi headquarters in Lichtenberg was even more fascinating. Rehearsals with our new drummer Daniel are going very well and the first couple of shows in Berlin are booked for January, although we hope to find something last minute in December with a little luck. Stacey is using the red Viking here, the feedback from which we're hoping to quiet with a new MXR Smartgate, a very clever pedal which doesn't do much. She's also using a new Deviever LP, which is a torn speaker/scratched record sounding thing. My shizzle is the same as usual, except I've been playing the evil reissue Hagstrat about the place as it's more tuneful than the Electrical Guitar Company beast.

I caught a virus last week and as a result didn't catch a plane to England to show-up at work. Worked from home on the Wednesday and Thursday, but there wasn't much that needed doing. It was great to be here for a while, living day-to-day rather than travelling, being tired, and stressing about travelling. I don't miss England, but wish there was also a photographic darkroom here we could hire to get some art done. Mostly recovered from my illness, we drove to Potsdam on Saturday for a walk and a burger and watched them erect the Christmas market amongst the gingerbread houses.
And tomorrow I have to catch a plane. It'll be -4 tonight.


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