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Classic Saab want 28th April 2009

Or, "why we need a flat with a garage". This gorgeous 1982 Saab 99GL is on ebay at the moment, but due to some strange anomaly seems more expensive to insure than my present car. No room for big amps either :-(
Maybe if modern Saabs evoked some of the individuality and quirkyness of these (the way Volkswagen have done with stylistic echos of the old Scirocco in the amazing-looking new one) the company wouldn't be so fucked. With GM folding Pontiac this week, and desperately trying to offload Saab- a marque they wrecked- the end could indeed be nigh, which I think would be a real shame.
*This said, I did spend an inordinate amount of time a couple of days ago looking at the new 9-3X which is a very nice looking car, although perhaps too little too late.


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