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Last minute show 5th April 2006

My band are playing a last-minute gig this Saturday as part of an all-dayer organised by an online zine. Normally we'd think twice about taking a show so early in the day, but with any luck we'll make a few contacts and impress a few people even if the place is half empty. The organisers have gone to some length to stress that running-order has little to do with the importance of each act in a move to get people into the place early on, but the final two acts are pretty much 'name' bands so I'm not sure this is completely true. It'll be a useful gig though as we could do with trying out a couple of new songs before we head up north in just under a couple of weeks. In a musically suicidal move I'll be brandishing the new Eterna rather than my Jazzmaster for this show to see how it holds up live.

In other schnews, I'm looking for somewhere new to live, so if anyone hears of a two bedroom flat in the Crouch End area let me know.


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